Mishkenut Mediterranean Cuisine

Eat Healthy, Eat Fresh, Eat Mishkenut!

Mishkenut Mediterranean Cuisine is founded by a superlative chef named Abe Hinnawi. His idea to open up a restaurant has been an obsession since he was a young man. It all started while working with his uncle at a renowned restaurant in a city in West Jerusalem in 1975. This restaurant was mostly famous for local celebrities and government officials. 

After years of practice and perfection, Abe’s famous entrées are finally being served to everyone. His pristine plates and intricate flavors are mouth watering and superior. From his famous fillet mignon dipped in pepper sauce to his veal mandolin smothered in a cream and mushroom sauce to his devola chicken, Abe has a true talent in the kitchen. Along with these superb entrées, Abe is also known for his excellent tasting Middle Eastern dishes. Some would include hummus, falafel, and his lip smacking shish kabob. These dishes are not only tasty and fulfilling; they are affordable as well. Customer satisfaction is not a maybe-it’s a definite. Eat healthy, eat fresh, eat Mishkenut!

Mishkenut Mediteranean Cuisine
221 Ridge Road
Munster IN, 46321
(219) 836-6069

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